Long Beach Community Studies Conference: April 26

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Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 2.08.07 PMThe Long Beach City College Community Studies Program and The Historical Society of Long Beach will be holding the Third Long Beach Community Studies Conference Saturday, April 26, 2014, at the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College.  This is the first time the conference will be held on the Liberal Arts Campus in the T building.  The day-long event is open and free to students at LBCC and offers those who attend a free lunch.  Parking is free to the public.

Students must register at the Historical Society of Long Beach website as a condition of attendance.  Registration is easy and can be done at http://hslb.org/calendar_of_events/2014-long-beach-community-studies-conference/.

The Long Beach Community Studies Conference brings together scholars, writers, academics, and community researchers in an event devoted to a deeper understanding of our community.  The theme of this years conference is: “The City’s Neighborhoods Past & Present.”  The conference hosts four sessions throughout the day, each 90 minutes in length, with multiple panels during each session.  Among the featured presentations will be a panel on “The Journey to Pride,” and “Building Sustainable Communities through Community Participation.”  Individual presentations include “War and Race in the Making of East Long Beach,” “Who Owns the Port and Why Should We Care?,” “Marginalized Neighborhoods,” “Los Cerritos,” “California Heights-Community Action,” “Signal Hill: The Neighborhood that Got Away,” “The Cambodian Asthetics in Long Beach,” “The Life and Times of Phineas Banning,” “New Deal Schools in Long Beach,” “Spatial History of Long Beach,” “Refugees in the Neighborhood,” “The Gay Ghetto (Broadway Corridor),” among many others.  Several panel sessions feature presentations by Honors Students at Long Beach City College.

The event is sponsored by the Long Beach City College Foundation, the Dean of Social Sciences and the Arts, the Port of Long Beach, and the accounting firm of Murphy, Murphy, and Murphy.

For more information, please contact the Office of Community Relations & Marketing at (562) 938-4353 or (562) 938-4846.

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