Long Beach Women Against Abuse in Hotel Industry

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Community and Health Groups Stand With Long Beach Women Against Abuse in Hotel Industry

Broad  Coalition Calls for Citywide Action to Address

Sexual Assault and Extreme Workloads in Long Beach Hotels

LONG BEACH, CA – Hundreds of people representing community, domestic violence advocates,  faith, and health organizations held a press conference and rally at Long Beach City Hall calling on Long Beach City leaders to take action to address sexual assault and inhumane workloads in Long Beach hotels and their impact on the public’s health.

Long Beach is on the cusp of reaching its fullest potential as a world class tourist destination. Since 2009, the revenue generated by each hotel room in Long Beach has increased by 36 percent. Behind the shining buildings are hotel worker stories of sexual assault and excessive workloads that prevent workers from sanitizing rooms. Workers and guests deserve better. That’s why a coalition of women’s organizations, health professionals, clergy, and community leaders are coming together to raise standards in the Long Beach Tourism Industry so that Long Beach can become the cleanest and safest  travel destination in Southern California.

According to a recent international study, 82 percent of hotel employees have been subject to verbal aggression and incidents of “deviant customer actions” on the job. With an astonishing 68 percent of sexual assaults going unreported, the coalition stands with these courageous women to end this abuse.

Long Beach Hotel workers have been speaking up and sharing their stories and reaching to their communities to raise awareness about the issues they face on a daily basis. The coalition to Stand With Women Against Abuse formed to support these brave women as they push to create safer and healthier workplaces. Click here to read these women’s stories.

Workers, community members, faith leaders, and women’s rights organizations who participated in the press conference and rally are hopeful that Long Beach City leaders will help to resolve these issues affecting Long Beach’s tourism industry.

“Sometimes I deliver room service because we have large workloads and we’re short-staffed, but I don’t feel safe delivering orders alone.There’s one time I will always remember. As soon as I saw the guest, I knew he was drunk. He was dressed in only a towel. He kept saying things like, ‘Come on honey. Come into the room.I looked around to see if there was anyone else around who could help me. But there was nobody. My chest felt tight. My heart was beating so fast. That is why we are here today, we will no longer stay silent! We are asking city leaders to help put an end to the abuse happening against women in Long Beach hotels.” Said Rosa Casarrubias a banquet server at the Long Beach Westin Hotel.

“We are appreciative of the efforts of our elected leaders to look at policies and standards that can ensure a healthy and safe workplace for all hotel workers.”  said Sharon Wie of Interval House.”

“Today, working women, women advocates,  residents, and clergy members came together to speak out against the abuse that is happening every day in our city hotels. We are hopeful that our city leaders will address these issues of violence in the workplace to create safer working conditions and lift our hospitality industry.”Said Jeannine Pearce of the Long Beach Coalition For Good Jobs and Healthy Communities. ”This will also help to strengthen the foundations in our communities by sending a strong message that Long Beach is committed to having safe communities and businesses.”

For more information please visit http://www.longbeachcoalition.org/



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