After Supreme Court Decision, Long Beach Communities Continue to Push for Dignity and Protection from Deportations

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June 23, 2016


Claudia Ramirez, 562 391 8002, [email protected]

Today is a somber day for the immigrant rights movement and immigrant communities throughout the nation. The U.S. Supreme Court has voted 4-4 in the United States v. Texas case, meaning that expanded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) programs will continue to remain on hold. These programs have been stuck in court since February of 2015 after an injunction was upheld by the fifth circuit court. The programs were initially announced in early November 2014 in response to the increasing targeted deportations and raids in the immigrant community and served as a temporary solution while Congress and the President worked to resolve some sort of immigration reform.

These programs would have provided relief from deportation for up to 3 years and provide those eligible for a temporary 3-year work permit. While advocates are unsure what the complete requirements would have been, prior requisites included the following: a parent must have a child who is an American citizen or legal permanent resident, the parent must have been present in the US since 2010, and not have any serious criminal convictions.

In CA, it is estimated alone that over 1,000,000 parents would be eligible for this program and many of them concentrated in southern CA.

During the next months there will be folks that will be prone to fraud. We advise the immigrant community to:

  • Remember that in the U.S., notarios cannot give legal help, advice,  and are not lawyers.

  • Upon seeking legal services or advice ask for credentials of your legal services provider

  • For your protection do not sign any blank documents or forms.

  • Request copies of all papers filed for your case.

As the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition, our commitment  is to push for humane and comprehensive laws and policies that do not scapegoat our most vulnerable communities. Alicia Morales, Long Beach resident and Organizer for the LBIRC, states “DACA has been a positive tool for the immigrant community. The ability to work and drive legally have drastically changed the lives of many hard working young people, but that is not enough. My parents, who are also hard working individuals and are scapegoated and exploited because of their status, deserve to live without fear of being separated from their family. I am disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision but that will not stop us from fighting.”

We are deeply disappointed with the outcome of this decision. We recognize that undocumented immigrants will continue to live in the shadows and continue to fear deportation and law enforcement, separation from their families, and persecution from ICE. These fears also extend to their families, whose members include many American citizens.

For more information on the recent announcement please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or phone at 562 204 6333.

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