Isolated: A poem about one Long Beach student’s senior year during quarantine

Jun. 9, 2021 / By Tiffany Rawls

A young woman stares at a screen with numerous Zoom users on it and a reflection of herself staring back.

Image from Canva.


In this poem, Cal State Long Beach alum Tiffany Rawls writes about what it was like to experience her senior year during quarantine.


Shut down
Not like the computer
With a screen
That’s always glaring
Not like the thoughts
In my mind
That are forever racing

How did I get here
Where do I go
How have I become this
This isn’t the me I know
I am lost, drifting
Sinking and never seeing
Weighed down by papers
By conversations
Reflected in the mirror
Of a screen I can’t escape

I am trapped
In this nothing
Overwhelmed and understated
Breaking free
Wanting something
Overhead yet undercover
Buried deep within me
Somehow, somewhere
Don’t care what’s next
Just have to get there

Unclear, this direction
Though the hope
The determination
Is a sign there’s no forever
Of sickness and death
And darkness and fear
That’s out to get
Everything I’ve ever known
Because I am safe
In this isolated cold
Anchored by the weights
That suffocate me



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