Training, Publishing, and Opportunity

VoiceWaves continuously hand-selects youth from across Long Beach to participate in our comprehensive training program and have their stories featured on our site, and, often, be syndicated on major regional and national partner outlets.

Our months-long training covers many topics which include, but are not limited to: story pitching, interviewing, writing, photography, producing video, audio, social media, and other skills needed to produce impactful and accessible reporting.

Participants also attend intimate guest workshops with industry professionals from major and emerging online, radio, and TV news outlets, and receive opportunities to travel and get assistance with career development.

Every semester, VoiceWaves partners with CSULB’s Journalism 495 class, Enterprise Reporting in Diverse Communities, to guide students in enhancing their story pitching and community reporting skills. These students regularly publish their work with us.

To join our team, click here or email our editor, Carlos Omar, at [email protected].


Youth sit around a L-shaped wooden table, looking forward toward a speaker who is presenting in front of a projection screen.