Cheeravath Aphipunyo Named Youth of the Year for Long Beach Boys and Girls Club

Nov. 18, 2011 / By

Written by Prumsodun Ok, VoiceWaves Project Director + Executive Editor.

I am one proud mentor and teacher.

Last night, I watched VoiceWaves Youth Journalist Cheeravath Aphipunyo deliver a phenomenal speech before his parents, mentors, and members of the Long Beach Boys and Girls Club community. Cheeravath cited the Club’s positive influence on his life: introducing him to the world of music, providing opportunities to grow as a leader, and introducing him to VoiceWaves where he is now a passionate part of our team.

Congratulations Cheeravath! You represented your family, culture, and organizations with a grace, poise, and presence that defies your young age. VoiceWaves is very proud of you and we will be supporting you in every possible way during this competition.

We want to see you be the Youth of the Year of the Boys and Girls Club of America!

Stay tuned for Cheeravath’s personal interpretation of the event folks!  And, please, follow Cheeravath’s contributions to our website: