Occupying Long Beach

Nov. 2, 2011 / By

The initial rally to gather support on Long Beach Blvd. and Ocean.  Many voiced their concerns and call-to-action with signs.  10.8.2011


The feeling that Corporate America has failed the general public is one that is shared among all who are attending the Occupy Movement.  10.8.2011


Both old and young people are alike gather to share their frustration.  10.8.2011


In an attempt to spread the word, an internet radio show interviews people at Occupy Long Beach.  10.16.2011


Even though it was well known that camping at the park after 10 PM is illegal, some choose to defy this law on the second weekend of Occupy Long Beach.  10.16.2011


A small group of Occupiers debate Mr. 1% who is here to see what the 99% has to say.  10.16.2011


Protestors decide that acts of civil disobedience that they will not be discouraged by pressure from the Long Beach Police Department.  10.16.2011

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