VoiceWaves Wants You!

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VoiceWaves, Long Beach’s source of Stories for a Healthy Community, is seeking passionate and engaged Youth, ages 16-24, who want to inspire positive change in our community through the power of storytelling.  Our stories focus on community health issues  ranging from diabetes to pollution and violence in our neighborhoods to expulsions from school.

VoiceWaves Contributors must:

  • Have strong research and writing skill or demonstrate the potential and dedication to learn these skills quickly.
  • Knowledge of Digital Media skills is a plus.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to issues related to central and west Long Beach communities. Show a willingness to approach issues and subjects in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner.
  • Show past engagement with the larger community or demonstrate eagerness to become involved.
  • Be able to speak comfortably and professionally with VoiceWaves staff, team, and subjects.
  • Be within the ages of 16 – 24. Priority will be given to candidates who demonstrate maturity.

All VoiceWaves Contributors will:

  • Be contracted on a commission basis to produce two stories per month.
  • Attend a one-hour weekly editorial/training meeting.
  • Attend workshops and trainings as requested which may sometimes be scheduled on the weekend.

Interested in applying?  Please contact:
Antonio Ruiz
[email protected]

To learn more about VoiceWaves, please visit us at:



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