Question of the Month: Small Biz Community Weighs in on Soda Tax

Jul. 29, 2012 / By

Compiled by Monica Quesada

QUESTION: If the Soda Tax is approved by Richmond voters in November, do you think people will stop buying soda? And if passed, how do you think the tax would affect your business?

Sunny Lee, 53, owner of Tarabini’s Deli

“It’s going to make the drinks too expensive and people are not going to buy it, so I signed for ‘no.’ In my opinion, I will have to cover the tax.”

Ramon Franco, 33, owner of Salsa Taqueria

“People are going to keep buying as usual. If the law passes, I just up the price what I have to. This is like cigarettes — they up the price to death, but the one that smokes keeps on smoking. If somebody wants a coke, they will pay (for it).”

Ivan Tian, owner of Joy Cafe

“I think people will stop buying, because it turns too expensive. It won’t affect us a lot because we sell other drinks, like milkshakes and coffee.”

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