Voter Registration in Long Beach

Jul. 2, 2012 / By

The purpose of the Miguel Contreras Foundation is to enhance educational excellence in public schools, to provide working families with knowledge about educational opportunities for their children, to encourage civic participation among low income communities, especially communities of color, and to provide immigrants an opportunity to fully integrate into our society. VoiceWaves’ Wendy Lopez spoke via phone with its Executive Director, Tonia Reyes Uranga, about the effort to register voters in Long Beach.

Tonia Reyes Uranga is a 44-year resident of Long Beach, Tonia earned her B.A in history at the University of California at Los Angeles and graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Education Program for Senior Executives in the State and Local Government. Tonia is also a wife, a mother, a community member and a person who served in the city Council for the seventh district of Long Beach California. Tonia was elected to the Long Beach City Council in June 2002 and reelected in April 2006. Tonia also served as Chair of the Long Beach city councils I-710 oversight committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure committee. Tonia Reyes Uranga is now the executive director of the Miguel Contreras Foundation.  A foundation formed by Business and Labor leaders in honor of the Labor leader Miguel Contreras.

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