Long Beach City Budget: One Person’s Opinion

Aug. 13, 2012 / By

Figuring On Proportional Budget

By Harry Salzgaver
Executive Editor, Gazettes.com

Are you tired of reading about the city budget yet?

I’m sorry. But I just can’t help myself.

I’ve been writing about budgets of one form or another for better than 30 years — this is the 21st in Long Beach. And every year, I feel compelled to explain why it is important to intrude into your peaceful life with this seemingly arcane and bureaucratic information.

Because it is important.

Budgets impact your life because it is how our city leaders decide what services to provide and at what cost. That goes for everything from police and fire to sewage and trash, from parks and recreation to utility bills. It includes the level of taxes and fees, what’s charged for and what’s free.

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