Mayor Bob Foster’s Budget Message to the Long Beach City Council

Aug. 1, 2012 / By

August 1, 2012

Members of the City Council:

Pursuant to the Long Beach City Charter, I am transmitting the Mayor’s Recommendations on the City Manager’s structurally balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13). We all know the economy suffered a substantial shock in 2008 and the recovery is slow and fragile. Many economists believe we are entering a new era, “the new normal,” marked by slow to moderate growth, higher unemployment, and competition on a global scale. Rather than long for the good ol’ days of government – or worse, continue policies that reflect the belief that they will return – we need to embrace the new reality and change the way we conduct the public’s business.

In doing so, we will be at the vanguard of American cities fostering economic growth and
entrepreneurship, building opportunity, and enhancing environmental sustainability; all possible
through strongly rooted fiscal policy that provides maximum value to residents. The changes will
affect every area of government service.

Read more of the Mayor’s message HERE:

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