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VoiceWaves is seeking committed, engaged and enthusiastic Long Beach Youth to participate in a journalism and media-training project. The youth, ages 16-24, will be trained to use writing, photography, video, radio and social media as community engagement tools for a Healthy Long Beach.

New America Media, with the support of The California Endowment, the Knight Foundation and in partnership with Building Healthy Communities, launched VoiceWaves in May 2011.

The prospective Youth must be willing to commit to a ten-week Boot Camp program. This will be an intensive hands-on training and content creation project. Youth will learn the skills necessary to write and produce stories and be an empowering voice for a Healthy Long Beach.

The Boot Camp program begins Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21, 1-6pm. Subsequent meetings are Mondays, 5-7:00pm, October 22 – December 16. Graduation will take place on Wednesday, December 19, 5:00pm.

VoiceWaves will report on Healthy Community issues as defined by New America Media and the California Endowment. Broad categories include but are limited to:

  • Neighborhoods e.g.
    • Fresh Foods
    • Places to Walk to Play
    • Safe Streets
  • Prevention e.g.
    • Encouraging Enrollment Through the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    • Giving Rise to Healthier Communities
  • Schools e.g.
    • Healthier School Foods and Drinks
    • Exercise During the School Day
    • Common-Sense School Discipline

Boot Camp participants and graduates will be given, in addition to individual story feedback, periodic evaluations to:

  • Reward and encourage excellent content creation
  • Strengthen story production skills
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Build Team cohesion

Youth, who successfully complete the Boot Camp project, will be invited to be a member of the VoiceWaves Youth Cohort. Upon acceptance, Youth reporters will:

  • Attend regular weekly editorial meetings
  • Continue their skills-building
  • Produce powerful content that inspires community action
  • Receive compensation based on program participation and content creation

If you are interested in joining VoiceWaves and becoming a powerful advocate for community-based journalism, then complete the online application at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YMM5JJX. Application deadline is October 12, 2012.

For more information, contact Michelle Zenarosa [email protected] or Antonio Ruiz [email protected].

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VoiceWaves is a Long Beach youth-led journalism and media-training project. The youth, ages 16-24, are learning to report, write, and create digital journalism content. Their reports will raise awareness of community health issues and activate change.