AARP Experts: Entitlements Critical for Nation’s Aging Majority Minority

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New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Sep 30, 2012

PhotoGerri Goncalves, in photo, says seniors she helps as a California AARP volunteer and her daughters’ generation are scared Social Security won’t be there for them. (New America Media/Dana Levine)

SAN FRANCISCO—When Gerri Goncalves regained her strength after her heart attack some years ago, she began volunteering for AARP’s advocacy efforts in Sacramento, California’s capital, to help other seniors stand up for their rights.

Goncalves, who has worked with AARP for six years, told ethnic-media reporters at a New America Media briefing last Thursday, “You can’t imagine the amount of people that are making so little money they are just living on their Social Security.”

The whirl of presidential campaign rhetoric around potential cuts to Medicare, Social Security and other programs in order to reduce the National Debt, prompted Goncalves to note that seniors she works with “are asking, if there are any cuts, how are they are going to survive. They’re just scared right now.”

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