November/December 2012 Palacio de Long Beach Magazine

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This Holiday issue of Palacio Magazine celebrates some the many reasons we have to be thankful all year long. On our cover is Mario Rodriguez, who is a soaring example of a Latino leader making a positive impact on Long Beach. Stanford graduate and former NFL player Damon Dunn is another hometown hero making a positive difference in our community. There are heroes all around us, and we ourselves are heroes when we learn to make the best of what we have, keep a positive outlook, spend quality time with people we care about, and find ways to make our community and world better for future generations. There are plenty of opportunities to plan social time, such as holiday concerts; check out our community calendar. Consider our recipes for some traditional ways to feed your guests. Share your talents on a new local television station. An attitude of gratitude is what this Season of Joy is all about – so be thankful for all you have and remember to pay it forward.

Publisher Andrea Sulsona

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