The Soda Tax – Missing the Point?

Oct. 4, 2012 / By

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Keyannie Norford, 17
I know that no matter what the price of soda is, if I want it I will go get it. As a senior attending De Anza High School, I also know how popular soda is among teens. I used to drink so much soda that it started to make me sick, and I finally had to decide between my health and this sugary drink: I chose my health.

But even though I’ve stopped drinking soda, I think a tax on sugary drinks is absurd. Raising taxes will not stop people from handing over their cash at the register and it will not stop obesity rates from rising. Plus, where is all this extra money going to go? The money from Measure N is supposed to better local schools and communities. The problem is, who will make sure that really happens?

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