Recent Shooting Near Bullard High School

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Reporter, Parker Anderton, describes his experience during a recent shooting near Bullard High School during a basketball game versus Edison High School.

After I discovered the game was sold out, I waited around for the game to end to give my friend’s stuff back. I stood where the Bullard busses pick up their students on Browning Ave, when I heard about ten consecutive shots go off about 100 feet from where I was.

After the last shot went off I saw people running and a group of girls running towards the gym with one of them clinging and screaming to another girl.

I was still in shock until a guy next to me asked what was going on. After I explained we started walking to the gym. By the time we got back the gym was on lockdown, so I stood outside by the door and waited for the doors to open and for my friends to be let out.

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