Health Fair Attracts Inland Empire’s Uninsured

Mar. 20, 2013 / By

New America Media, Video, Text: Aurora Saldivar / Video: Cesar Flores / Photos: Daniel Zapien

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following video shares the experiences of attendees at the WeConnect health and resource fair held in Riverside, California on March 2, 2013. The fair was an opportunity for area residents to access critical services and learn about new benefits available under the Affordable Care Act. Interviews feature a young woman who just found out she qualified for health care, a resident who can now get medical services for his diabetes and dental needs, and a father who previously had to go to Tijuana for medical services. Also interviewed are the nursing students who assisted people at the event. The video was produced by Silicon Valley De-Bug, a community media organization based in San Jose.  The accompanying article was reported byCoachella Unincorporated, a youth-led media project based in the Eastern Coachella Valley in Riverside County.  Both media outlets are projects of New America Media, a grantee of The California Endowment.

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