Policy News of the Month The Battles Begin: Video Games, Voting, and Dreamers

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Policy News of the Month

Don’t like people talking about you behind your back? That is what happens when policymakers make new laws about young people, and often without even inviting them to give their opinion.
In order to advance our own agenda, we’ve got to know the rules of the game. That starts with understanding how a bill becomes law.
A bill is like an essay that proposes a change to the law. Multiple politicians argue about the bill, and then force the writer to edit, or “amend,” that bill to how they see fit. Each bill gets voted on 6 times, 3 times in the Assembly, and 3 times in the Senate. The bills that survive the voting in Legislature go to the Governor, who decides on whether or not to sign the bill into law.
February and March in the State Capital is the time when the focus is on new bills being introduced in the State Legislature. The California Council on Youth Relations will keep you updated as decisions are made. Take a look at these:

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