Queer Youth Radio: Is LB Queer and Youth Friendly?

Mar. 18, 2013 / By and

Youth reporters explored the question of queer and youth friendliness in Long Beach. What spaces do queer youth feel safe? What spaces do they feel unsafe? Check out the audio clip above to hear their voices!

Queer Youth Radio is a monthly radio series that serves as a platform for LGBTQ young people to amplify their voices to educate and bring awareness and visibility to their communities. QYR is a collaboration between VoiceWaves, The Gay & Lesbian Center of Long Beach and Bienestar Long Beach.

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Chelcee Bunkley

Chelcee Bunkley is 22 year old college freshman attending Long Beach City College and a Southern California native, living in Long Beach since 2009. Chelcee is passionate about film-making, writing, and photography and looks forward to the challenges and victories that come with being an independent filmmaker, freelance photographer and writer. She is an active volunteer at the Gay and Lesbian Center of Long Beach. She hopes to tell stories that will help people in some form, whether it be with knowledge of resources, emotionally, or any other way possible.