Governor Does About-Face on Obama’s Health Care Law

Apr. 17, 2013 / By


New America Media/Miami Times, News Report, D. Kevin McNeir

Republican governors like Florida’s Rick Scott are slowly realizing that opposing President Barack Obama’s health care law — the Affordable Care Act — may be both political suicide and bad for hundreds of thousands of citizens who lack health care.

If a state accepts, the federal government will pay the full costs of newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries for three years, beginning in 2014. After that, the percentage would eventually drop to 90 percent. If states don’t expand Medicaid, millions of people earning less than the poverty line who aren’t eligible for the program may be left without health insurance.

Enter Governor Rick Scott — Florida’s self-appointed pied piper who scoffed at the Affordable Care Act in 2010. Scott, a former health care executive and multimillionaire, has berated the President and his plan time and time again, vowing in typical tea party fashion that he would never “accept Obamacare in his state,” even describing the health care plan as a “job killer.” Readers may recall that Scott led the charge for a constitutional amendment that aimed to undermine the implementation of the plan. Voters rejected it hands down.

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