For Teens, Is Any Job A Good Job?

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photo: a loves dc/ BY-NC-SA

photo: a loves dc/ BY-NC-SA

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Eight bucks an hour plus tips. Drake Elliot says it’s not so bad to be a pizza delivery driver. Especially since the job comes with perks.

“You’re above a civilian slightly, like I can double park in the middle of the street, hold up my pizza bag and be like, ‘It’s okay ma’am, I’m a pizza delivery driver. I’m just doing my job.’” he said.

And at 20 years-old, the Santa Barbara, California community college student has already had a lot of jobs. “Well I’ve been an administrative assistant. I’ve worked as an intern at a graphic design company. I’ve been a janitor. I’ve been a counselor at a skateboard camp. I’ve worked as a painter. I’ve worked doing carpentry,” said Elliot.

That’s not even counting the jobs that Elliot doesn’t put on his resume. Once he tried laying tiles for a home remodel — but had no idea what he was doing. He broke half the tiles and was fired the same day.

Elliot says with so few jobs available to people his age, he’ll try anything. Ultimately he wants to be a therapist. But in the meantime, he’s trying to build skills and figure out what he’s good at. Occasional failure is actually part of his plan.

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