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Editor’s Note: After reading Helpful Products, Dangerous Toxins by Fatima Ramirez, reader Adriana Garcia wrote in to commend Fatima for her article. She suggested Fatima watch Bag It, a documentary about the impact of plastics on the environment, marine animals and human health.  The following is Fatima’s review of Bag It.

FATIMA RAMIREZ/Coachella Unincorporated

With a perfect blend of humor and eye-opening truth, Jeb Berrier sets out to discover the path a plastic bag takes once it’s disposed. The documentary Bag It goes on to explore the awe-stricken moment Berrier experiences while purchasing a peach yogurt and carrying it home in a single plastic bag which he eventually throws away.

Such revelation proves to have an impact on Berrier, a self-proclaimed “average guy [who is] not what you consider a tree hugger.” He begins to realize that not only plastic bags, but also plastic itself, is the most produced material and is essentially everywhere.

Berrier’s normal-guy appeal serves to flawlessly entertain the audience while explaining hard-hitting facts and the repercussions of a plastic world. The film goes onto exploring the many aspects of plastic, from its manufacturing and distribution to its disposal and the many misconceptions that unknowingly come with it.

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