Improving Access for Dialysis Patients in ECV

Jul. 3, 2013 / By



JOHNNY FLORES, JR/Coachella Unincorporated

COACHELLA — When the Indio dialysis center closed for renovation, Maura Halos had two options. She could get her treatment in La Quinta or at a new facility in Coachella.

Halos decided to come to the recently opened Coachella Kidney Institute for the life-sustaining treatment she receives three times per week.

“First, it’s more closer to my home…and the personality of the staff here makes me more comfortable,” said Halos, during a recent dialysis treatment. “My family is also happy that I am going here and everyone has treated me and my family very well. Also, when they give me my paperwork they give it to me in English. My whole family speaks English, and I want to as well.”

With over 29 state of the art dialysis stations, the Coachella Kidney Institute aims to provide the Eastern Coachella Valley with better access to this procedure.

“Dialysis is a big need, because the availability of these kind of facilities were limited,” said Dr. J.E. Chandrashekar, administrator of the new facility. “When I came here 34 years ago, there was only one facility in Palm Springs…now there are 9 facilities. A lack of availability is one of the reasons why there are more facilities but also decline in health.”

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