In Central Valley, College Students Spend Summer Vacation in the Fields

Jul. 21, 2013 / By



South Kern Sol / New America Media, News Report, Erika Hernandez

ARVIN, Calif. — This small town in South Kern County is home to many farmworkers, including young college students eager to make some cash during their summer break. And although it may seem strange to those living outside of California’s Central Valley, working in the fields, although physically demanding, can be a gratifying experience for many of them.

Analleli Gallardo, 20, an Arvin High School graduate majoring in women and gender studies at San Francisco State University, has worked in the fields for three straight summers. When asked what keeps her coming back, Gallardo said her primary motivation is the quick money.

“I need as much money as I can get in as little time as possible, because I am a full-time student living off FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) money, scholarships, loans and the occasional part-time job. Working in the fields can give me more money faster because we work six days per week, and we work from eight to nine hours a day.”

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