What Is Art?

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Once on a hot summer day, my friend asked me a certain question that I found myself pondering. She’d recently gone to a museum and came across a certain art work that bothered her. “It was just a piece of metal square!” Yoaly gestured, confused about why such a thing was carefully secured behind a transparent barrier in a museum. She continued to rant on about how people would even go as far as to buy the art for thousands of dollars. Thus, a question was formed to summarize her frustration: What exactly is art?

To begin being able to understand the concepts and definition of art, I began by analyzing an article by Soren Petersen called “What is Art?”. The article provided the thoughts of art critics to define a precise piece of artwork. “To appreciate an art piece, one has to be able to understand and share the vocabulary applied.” It states. “Thoughts and ideas are worthless unless shared– without impact they have no relevance.” Petersen’s claim is fairly accurate. I would have to agree that the art piece has to not only appeal to each of the people in the audience, but also include the relevance of their opinion on it to be able to understand what it is.

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