Youth: Don’t Battle Depression Alone

Jul. 12, 2013 / By

Reporter Karla Martinez turns to her father to get through difficult moments. Photo: KARLA MARTINEZ


It is hard to believe that so many young people, with so much life ahead, are willing to give up the most precious gift ever given — their own life.  But it’s true.

According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth between the ages of ten and twenty-four in the United States.

This really hit home when I recently noticed a friend acting strange by posting depressing things on Facebook. It was obvious he needed someone to talk to so I decided to message him, hoping he would reply. When he did, we talked for what seemed like a lifetime, but I wasn’t sure if he would tell me what was wrong with him. When he did, I gave him all the uplifting advice I could. I learned he was stressed out because he was confused about the type of person he was becoming. Growing up can be very complicated.

I remember specifically something he told me: “We don’t ask for help when we feel depressed because no one takes it serious.”

He was right; but how bad do things need to get before we seek the attention we deserve? Just like any disease, depression strikes hard. We’re too young to go through such things.

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