Discovering the Power of Words

Aug. 26, 2013 / By




I know how it feels to be unheard. But when I began to write, I learned I had the power to change this.

I first made this realization in the first grade. My class visited the computer lab to write stories every day. I discovered I took pleasure in making up stories about fairies and an unfriendly octopus. I was allowed to make my imagination real by putting my thoughts down in black ink.

I grew up in a fairly large family, with four kids and both parents living at home; but, believe it or not, it was very easy to feel left out.

Although I can say I have a very close and healthy relationship with my parents and sisters, there were still dangerous secrets that I always kept to myself. This is when writing went from being a fun school activity to my super power, my favorite form of expression.

As far as I can retrieve my life’s earliest memories, I always had to deal with physical, mental and sexual violence alone. Because I was just a child when I was being molested, I could not make sense of what was happening.

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