More Than Just A Swimming Pool

Aug. 1, 2013 / By

Credit: Kevin Shelton The kNOw Youth Media

Credit: Kevin Shelton The kNOw Youth Media

Jasmine Vang -The kNOw Youth Media

When temperatures reach up to a hundred degrees in this Central Valley heat, what more do you want to do than swim?

Unfortunately, not everyone in Fresno is privileged enough to have access to their own personal pools but Fresno community pools are hoping to draw big crowds to their facilities this summer.

This summer, Fresno pool facilities all over the city are not only swimming centers, these affordable and convenient pools are apart of something greater that affects Fresno- community centers that offer programs, service, and space for summer activities.

I recently visited a few of the swim centers in Fresno are Romain’s Learner Pool, Airways’ Pool, and Mosqueda’s Pool. Romain is located on 745 N First (First & Belmont) and besides being a pool, it’s a park where people around the neighborhood gather for sports, to socialize or just to cool off and play some pool. The learner pool is free for children under 12 years old.

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