New School Year Brings New Academic Standards

Aug. 18, 2013 / By



By Antoinette J. Evans

If all goes according to plan, Richmond public schools — and the students they serve — will have something positive to look forward to, this fall and beyond.

Back in 2010, California’s State Board of Education voted to adopt a new set of federal academic guidelines referred to as “Common Core”. This year, California public schools including those in Richmond will take one step closer toward the goal of fully implementing those standards by the 2014/15 Academic Year.

Along with California, 45 other states are also in various stages of implementing Common Core.

Teachers, parents and education experts developed the new standards for the purpose of better preparing students with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to have success in college and eventually, in a career. Common Core is expected to provide a consistent and clear understanding for teachers, parents and students alike, of what students in all grade levels are expected to learn and should know.

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