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Revamp CA


Every (other) Wednesday, Building Healthy Communities Long beach will be filling you in on the Revamp CA Ed Campaign. They will include snippets and links to articles about the local control funding formula, the return of programs to schools, and schedules of school district meetings in the 14 Building Healthy Communities sites.

The mission is to promote restorative justice, health access, social justice and improved categorical program (i.e. special education, arts and music programs, counseling, and staff development) initiatives to be adopted in local school districts with the newly passed Local Control Funding Formula legislation through education, awareness, e-advocacy and social media.

In their efforts to improve school districts policies, curriculum and climate affecting low-income students, foster youth, english learners, high-needs students around the state they seek to engage business, education, civil rights, parents, faith-based, grassroots community organizations and leaders, all who support the Local Control Funding Formula and who are dedicated to promoting students health and education in California.

Read the first Revamp CA Education Newsletter here

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