NewsLongBeach: Saving A Culture

Nov. 22, 2013 / By

Thanksgiving is Nov. 28 and it’s a time for turkey and too many meals. But not all families celebrate the thanksgiving holiday in the same way. While American history paints a rosy picture of the pilgrims and Native Americans, the truth is a little more complicated.

Voicewaves reporter Michael Lozano recently spent some time with the Kizh-Gabrieleno band of mission Indians, a tribe native to Long Beach.

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Michael Lozano

Michael Lozano

Michael is a 30-year-old journalist born to Mexican parents who started their own Domestic Violence counseling center in Southeast Los Angeles. As a college student, Michael was very active in campus affairs and graduated from CSULB in 2011 with research honors in Sociology and a Journalism minor. His articles have been syndicated at national sites including Mother Jones, New America Media, and ImpreMedia, the nation’s largest Spanish-language news publisher.