Street Soldiers Radio: Bay Area Parents Share Perspectives on Schools

Nov. 19, 2013 / By

Editor’s Note: Below is a transcribed excerpt from the October 26th broadcast of Street Soldiers, a live call-in radio show that airs every Sunday night on KMEL 106.1fm. The topic of discussion was California’s new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which gives school districts more of a say in determining how their state education dollars are spent. Street Soldiers host Dr. Joseph Marshall was joined in studio by three Bay Area mothers who have school-age children: Shawn Acree of Oakland, Bivette Brackett of San Francisco, and Brandi Lyles Ferrell of Richmond.

Street Soldiers: What is going right for your kids right now? What are the schools doing well, in your opinion?

Shawn Acree: Our biggest downfall last year was no parent participation, but this year we have a lot of new parents coming on board to work and help out. It’s a new year. We have new teachers, and old teachers that know how to deal with our children. The new teachers, not so well, because they have to adapt to our environment… and they aren’t used to the challenges of our children.

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