An Undocumented Immigrant Reflects on 2013: No Immigration Reform, But the Movement Keep Building

Dec. 27, 2013 / By

Community organizer, and soon to be high school teacher, Cesar Juarez shares both the current political realities and future aspirations of the movement for immigration reform.

(The author leading a rally for immigrants rights.)

(The author leading a rally for immigrants rights.)

Immigrant rights groups gave a good fight, but immigration reform didn’t happen this year. There’s nothing surprising about immigration reform not passing because House Republicans repeatedly stated their intent to block it. We won various victories in many states, including in California. The disillusion of years of heartbreak takes a toll on people. A consequence I’ve experienced like many undocumented people is becoming immune to the negativity of nothing happening. The pain is there but we move on to our everyday life. For many families it’s very difficult to move on due having a love one deported. Close to two million deportations have occurred under the Obama administration.

As an undocumented person in the movement for close to ten years I have learned that we need to continue educating, organizing and mobilizing our community to create change. Each year we grow stronger and closer to passing immigration reform. What I’ve heard from some members of my community is that some don’t understand why those in power don’t open their hearts and do the right thing.

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