Despite Eligibility, Many Youth Remain Uninsured

Dec. 12, 2013 / By

As of New Year’s Day, healthcare in America will never be the same.

Beginning Jan. 1, insurers will finally be required to cover medical health on par with mental health. That is a big step for California’s youth, according to health experts who attended a press briefing at San Bernardino’s Norman F. Feldheym Central Library early December.

That event, organized by New America Media, highlighted the need to outreach to youth who often forgo health coverage. In the following clip, youth advocate David Levitus introduces what is at stake in the Affordable Care Act—a generation of youth without coverage and at risk for mental health problems.

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Michael Lozano

Michael Lozano

Michael is a 30-year-old journalist born to Mexican parents who started their own Domestic Violence counseling center in Southeast Los Angeles. As a college student, Michael was very active in campus affairs and graduated from CSULB in 2011 with research honors in Sociology and a Journalism minor. His articles have been syndicated at national sites including Mother Jones, New America Media, and ImpreMedia, the nation’s largest Spanish-language news publisher.