Beneficial or Scary: Weighing the Pros & Cons Of Having Older Parents

Jan. 31, 2014 / By and

As life expectancy continues to lengthen and people are choosing to become parents at much later times in their lives, we’re seeing more couples successfully raising children to adulthood. But what does that mean as the kids get older and well, the parents even older?

The birth expectancy rate in America year 1950 was 68.2 according to National Center for Health Statistics whereas today the overall life expectancy is 78.37 per the CIA fact book. Perhaps we are living in an era where age truly is just a number, and parenthood can be a somewhat straightforward luxury after one’s life is figured out.

VoiceWaves interviewed two sets of older Long Beach parents, Leslie and Steve Dublin and Thomas and Loretta Lick, to see what it was all about. Both revealed having children later in life is generally more blissful than it is scandalous and that they’re grateful to have become parents when they felt they were the most ready. Their voices are highlighted in the photo essay above.

For more information about the benefits of older parenting, go HERE.


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Thomas Lick (Vanguard)

Thomas Lick also goes by the artist name Vanguard and is an aspiring filmmaker and performer with hopes of someday becoming the next Orson Welles. He spends his journalistic efforts focusing on the underdog and highlighting social issues. He is also a huge fan of urban design and all things Disney.

Kallayan Thuch

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