Get Off Your Cell Phone…Dad!

Jan. 28, 2014 / By

by  Youth Radio

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According to the Pew Research Center on Technology and American Life, 91 percent of adults report owning a mobile phone compared to just 78 percent of teens. Not only that, the cell phones warming the pockets of adults are smarter and more high tech than the ones owned by teenagers like me.

What does it mean for all these mature people flush with technology? Well, according to a lot of young people I spoke with, teens are no longer the most “phone addicted” people in the house. Parents are.

When I interviewed my father, Jose Escobar, for this story, we were just seconds into the conversation when his cell phone vibrated with a message. So does he think he’s addicted?, I asked.

“No,” he answered without pause.

But, when I ask him if he thinks I’m addicted, “Yea definitely,” he shot back. “You need to text less and you’re constantly reading what’s on Facebook. You need to take a break.

I think he needs to take a break. Whenever my dad comes to pick me up from school, my sister and I sit in the car for five minutes before he starts the engine, because his eyes are glued to his phone. Just like they were during my interview with him.

“See, you’re even holding your phone now,” I said to him as we talked.

“Yea,” admitted my dad. “I guess it’s just a habit.”

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