Latino and a Vegan in Kern County

Jan. 23, 2014 / By



By Alfredo Camacho and Daniel Jimenez for South Kern Sol

Ed. Note: In the heart of Kern County’s rich farmlands, fruits and vegetables can be seen growing in abundance in fields that seem to go on for miles. But when it comes to subsisting on a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, it can be quite a challenge for Kern County residents. In this story two South Kern Sol youth reporters tell us about their experience living as vegans in their hometowns of Kern County.

Using a Plant-Based Diet to Overcome Acid Reflux

While studying at Cal State, Chico, I adopted a vegan lifestyle to help me combat a health issue I was experiencing.  But ever since I came back to my hometown of Bakersfield, I have found it very hard to maintain my vegan diet living in this city.

Vegan means avoiding the consumption of anything derived from animal products. Depending on one’s needs or lifestyle choices, this could simply mean eliminating animal products such as eggs, butter, milk, and meat from their daily diet. For those more dedicated, this means also avoiding clothing, health and beauty products, or even condoms, if they’re made from animal products.

When I began experiencing near constant heartburn, which at night backed up into my esophagus, it caused a complete disruption to my school and work life around the summer of 2010. I was told at my university’s health center that the problem might be dietary, and before expensive medication, that I should try changing up my diet to diminish my acid reflux.

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