Raise Your Voice: How Do You Get Your News?

Jan. 8, 2014 / By


Media_lFrom the Editor: VoiceWaves with a grant from the Long Beach Community Foundation is conducting a survey into how Long Beach residents get their local news. Do you still count on newspapers or are you a digital only person? Do you use social media to find out what is happening in your city or neighborhood? And what about that phone in your pocket? Is that your connection to what is happening in your world?

Please take a moment to answer the survey’s ten questions. We will be using this information to help develop the next generation of VoiceWaves and how we gather and distribute news and information to you. Thank you for your contribution.



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VoiceWaves is a Long Beach youth-led journalism and media-training project. The youth, ages 16-24, are learning to report, write, and create digital journalism content. Their reports will raise awareness of community health issues and activate change.