Skate Day 2014

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By: Taylor Holm, BHC Long Beach, BSW Intern

Growing up as an avid skater in the San Francisco Bay area, I often heard Long Beach referred to as the mecca of skateboarding in California. Through my involvement with planning Skate Day 2014, it became obvious why Long Beach earned such a reputation in the Skating Community.

Skate Day 2014 came about through a shared passion from organizations that strive to provide youth in Long Beach with healthy and safe opportunities to grow as individuals. Through a collaborative effort by Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach, the ASK Foundation, and Educated Men with Meaningful Messages (EM3), Skate Day 2014 engaged youth in healthy exercise practices by presenting opportunities to be active, as well as, use community resources as a catalyst for further youth participation in sports and recreation. The event not only achieved these goals but also surpassed expectations.

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