The Rise of the “Silicon Valley Bay”

Mar. 15, 2014 / By

Shamako Noble • Silicon Valley De-Bug

Commentator and community organizer Shamako Noble has lived all over the Bay Area. He sees an esculation in the number of people who no longer can afford to live in the cities they grew up in as corporations move in and increase the cost of living. He named this phenomenon “Silicon Valley Bay.”

On March 6th, 2014, Silicon Valley De-Bug, in association with SJ ZuluCHAM (Christian Homeless Alliance Ministries)Working Partnerships and the South Bay Labor Council held an event that was centered around a music video. The video was called, “Gold Out West” by Andrew “Society” Bigelow. The song was inspired by the “March to Heal the Valley” an effort led by CHAM in late 2013 to address the growing disparity between the rich and the poor in Silicon Valley —  one of the countries leaders in “economic recovery.”

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