Opportunities Continue Throughout the Year for Families to Enroll in ACA

May. 27, 2014 / By

unnamedCalifornia continues to report news about the first ACA open enrollment period, and the ALL IN campaign is working to enroll families in affordable health coverage. Building upon the  momentum created over the past months, they are now working to spread the word that many families are eligible to enroll in Medi-Cal year-round, and some families will be eligible for special enrollment with Covered California.

Opportunities Continue Throughout the Year for Families to Enroll in Coverage

Even though open enrollment in Covered California ended on March 31, affordable health coverage remains available for many children and families.

Many families and individuals are unaware that they may still enroll in health coverage through:

1. Covered California – special enrollment if an individual experiences certain life changes, such as losing health insurance, a change in income, moving into the state, having a child, or gaining a dependent.

2. Medi-Cal – year-round open enrollment.

Because many families do not know this fact, you can help spread the word through schools, early learning sites, and after-school programs.

  1. Fact Sheet for School Leaders: You can share this fact sheet with teachers, school administrators, early learning and after-school programs, and other education leaders. It describes the health coverage programs available now and how school leaders can connect individuals to coverage.
  2. Fact Sheet for Parents and Families: You can share this with the families with whom you work. This fact sheet describes the health coverage programs available right now and explains, simply, how parents and families can enroll themselves and their children in coverage.
  3. Fact Sheet for Parents and Families in Spanish: You can share this fact sheet with Spanish-speaking families you know.
  4. Wallet Card: You can print and fold this card to give to families and individuals for simple information on how to connect to health coverage now.

Please direct any questions about the ALL IN for Health Campaign to Jenny Kattlove at jkattlove@childrenspartnership.org



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