Student Voice Campaign Launches May 8

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cfjOver the past decade, a number of student movements across the country have shown that student power and leadership can lead to incredible change in our schools and communities. – from improving school facilities to getting districts to offer more rigorous curriculum that will better prepare them for college and careers. These victories have shown that when students unite, they can build a better future for themselves and future generations.

This Thursday, students will stand united once again to publicly launch the Student Voice Campaign- ‘My Future, My Voice’ – and call on the State Board of Education to ensure that the voices of students are heard, valued, and reflected in school district funding and accountability plans.

  • Over 2,000 #IHeartStudentVoice postcards were sent to the State Board of Education
  • A Student Voice Coalition was formed to lead the campaign, anchored by Californians for Justice in partnership with Inland Congregations United for Change/PICO California, InnerCity Struggle, and the CA Association of Student Councils
  • In the last few weeks, we obtained the support of key allies such as the California Teachers Association, the Parent Teacher Association, and East Side High School District Superintendent Chris D. Funk who believe in the power of student voice and the students ability to improve the quality of their education.

Jalisa, a CFJ youth leader says it best: “Our Student Voice Campaign is all about making sure our voices as students are heard and seriously taken into account when deciding how LCFF funds should be used. We’re the ones in the classroom and we know what we need as students so we must be a part of the decision making that will impact our education.” 

Tomorrow, Jalisa and her peers will be asking the State Board of Education to strengthen districts’ accountability by defining a meaningful role for students (especially high need students) to engage in the development of their districts plans, and to provide districts with working models that allow them to do so.

Will You Stand With Students on May 8th?

Make your voice heard online: Help amplify student voices across the state on Thursday, May 8th, as students from all over California testify at the State Board of Education meeting in Sacramento about the importance of their voices being heard.

Stay informed and find other ways to Stand With Students on the Student Voice Campaign website.

Make a donation. Your gift of any amount will help hundreds of youth and allies travel to Sacramento in July to take a stand and make their voices heard.

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