Trauma and Healing Symposium with Dr. Richard Mollica

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VeK3dAJfa32S9nnSG0Tu1gOb3YGUxVJyApSt_n2LOF1nfcn45T1pgVxh8ED10BqPYXNPNv1Jf7TESwLbDvjyKpPiCswNf4smrqd9Txv1yc9WlWMF5S1XErHK9S5zo4zCahbK_EDRxJkMhnsGeX5C0bdNPU7qfbo0ToSS4vE=s0-d-e1-ftBeginning January 27, community members, human service agencies, and survivors of trauma and violence will have the opportunity to come together and cultivate resiliency within our Long Beach community. On behalf of Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach, the Cambodian Coalition, The MAYE Center, and The California Endowment, all community members are invited to join Dr. Richard F. Mollica for a three-day symposium called “Trauma, Healing, and Resiliency: The Healing Fields” from January 27 to 29 at First Congregational Church.

Kicking off the three-day symposium will be our BHC Breakfast and Learning Club on Healing Invisible Wounds, featuring author and keynote speaker Dr. Richard F. Mollica of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. Community members who have read Healing Invisible Wounds will have an opportunity to discuss the book and participate in an informal dialogue with Dr. Mollica. For more information on the Breakfast and Learning Club, please email [email protected].

For more information on the three-day symposium or to RSVP for specific sessions, please visit or call 562-704-6778.

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