How I Traveled The World Without Leaving Long Beach

Jul. 17, 2015 / By

Earlier this year, Long Beach was again named one of the most diverse cities in the nation, so I wanted to find out, “Can I see the world without stepping a foot outside of the city?” My curiosity led me on a full-on adventure and continent-hopping journey that required no suitcase or long flights.

Much like a tourist, I mapped my destinations and created an itinerary of locations to checkout. From my previous trip to Europe, I learned that traveling is more than tasting food, traveling is immersive. Thus, when I came upon the gems of Long Beach’s diversity I knew it was possible to transport myself to a miniature version of many countries and cultures.

In the video above, I traveled all over Long Beach in search of the “traveling experience.” I journeyed to Africa where the djembe drums gave way to the African dance class at Homeland Cultural Center. I even explored Venice, Italy by witnessing the gondoliers at Naples serenade their clients with the folk songs of the motherland. Mexico City proved to be memorable as I got a front row seat to the Aztec dance class at Homeland.  I made my way through Central America by visiting La Ceiba restaurant on 7th street where I savored Salvadorian pupusas and Honduran baliadas. The koi ponds and serene atmosphere of the Japanese gardens at CSULB captivated the beauty of Japan while Cambodia town on Anaheim street offered me the opportunity to admire their jewelry, dresses, and chess games. But my adventure was not over without making a stop in Lebanese restaurant, Baba Ghanouj, where their pottery, music, and artwork captivated the spirit of Lebanon.


Cindy Maldonado

For the last four years Cindy has worked for YMCA of Greater Long Beach. As an after school program leader she has worked with underprivileged families assisting students with healthy living and youth development. Cindy currently studies literary journalism and sociology at UC Irvine and hopes to continue serving underprivileged communities by giving them a voice.