Art Isn’t Easy: The real struggle Long Beach artists face

Apr. 15, 2016 / By

For many, art is considered an extracurricular activity, a luxury, or a frivolity. Artists are almost universally perceived as carefree individuals living on easy street from the supposed freedom that art making allows. But when considering the drive necessary to sustain a living, is it truly as glamorous as it seems?

VoiceWaves sat down with three independent artists in Long Beach who debunk the myth that being an artist is frivolous work. We soon discovered that art isn’t easy.

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Thomas Lick (Vanguard)

Thomas Lick also goes by the artist name Vanguard and is an aspiring filmmaker and performer with hopes of someday becoming the next Orson Welles. He spends his journalistic efforts focusing on the underdog and highlighting social issues. He is also a huge fan of urban design and all things Disney.