Gabriel Green: CSULB Student by Day, MMA Fighter by Night

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By Caden Adams

NARRATOR: Being a college student is tough, but for Gabriel Green, it’s only a small part of his worries. By day, Gabriel is a senior at Cal State Long Beach preparing to graduate in December. By night, he is one of the top-ranked amateur mixed martial artists in the country and taking the next step into a professional MMA career. Gabriel talks about the struggles of balancing a full school schedule and training two or three times a day to become a professional mixed martial artist.

GABRIEL GREEN: “There’s a lot that goes in to school. You gotta go to your classes, you got the homework, the assignments, midterms, finals, all that stuff, so it requires a lot of – a lot of my time, so I mean that’s what I’m low on right now, is time.”

NARRATOR: During the majority of his junior and senior year at Cal State Long Beach, Gabriel fought both in the classroom and in the cage. He has kept up a 3.2 GPA all while amassing a 6-0 amateur MMA record, with 4 wins coming by way of knockout. Tracy Hess, Gabriel’s head coach and a former professional MMA fighter in his own right, talks about the work ethic Gabriel possesses.

TRACEY HESS: “As talented as he was, he works even harder than he is talented. So, he puts in – he’s the first person to the gym, and the last person to leave. That’s a rare trait to get a guy with that type of talent and the work ethic to match it.”

NARRATOR: According to, Gabriel is ranked #2 out of 306 amateur welterweights in California, and is also ranked #6 out of 787 amateur welterweights in the western region of the United States. After a successful amateur MMA career, Gabriel’s future looks bright as Juan Contreras, Gabriel’s longtime friend explains.

JUAN CONTRERAS: “In five years, world champion, to me, easily. Ten years, who knows now? I mean, this dude can have the whole world in his hand if he really puts his mind to it, and he’s one of the people that can do that, you know. He’s one of those people where you gotta keep an eye out for him, because he can seriously do some damage, and do it in a positive way.”

NARRATOR: Being just a couple of weeks removed from taking his midterms, Gabriel looks forward to and is excited about being able to call himself a professional mixed martial artist,

GABRIEL GREEN: “When I started fighting, I didn’t just want to be a fighter, like train as a hobby or nothing, I wanted to fight. I wanted to be the best ever, so having my pro-debut is my first step, you know. The real big official step, it’s like I know all my work isn’t for nothing. I’m going the right way, you know, it’s reassuring, it feels real good.”

NARRATOR: Gabriel Green was victorious in his first professional MMA bout, winning by submission in the second round. We caught up with Gabriel to get his reaction to his first professional win.

GABRIEL GREEN: “Alright, so getting the W, awesome! I think everyone out there gotta at least fight one time in their life. They gotta get that win because getting your hand raised, and working that hard up to it is one of the greatest feelings, the greatest thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

NARRATOR: Gabriel Green looks for his second professional mixed martial arts victory on June 9, 2016, at the OC Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa, CA. This Caden Adams, signing off. Peace.

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