Immigration Destination: The Road to Sanctuary City

Mar. 13, 2017 / By

How far are you willing to go for family?

VoiceWaves’ first mini-documentary follows a group of Long Beach immigrant youth and their journey to make their city, along with all of California, a sanctuary zone that protects and keeps their families together. The film also features state Senate leader Kevin de León and Assembly member Patrick O’ Donnell’s staff. This is Immigration Destination: The Road to Sanctuary City. Please like and share.

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Mariah Smith

Mariah Smith

Mariah is a student at Long Beach City College. She is a European futbol superfan, and FC Barcelona is her favorite team to watch. Mariah is a self-proclaimed thrill seeker who enjoys theme parks and being at the center of the dance floor at Long Beach clubs. She plays classical and electric guitar and produces music beats on her computer.