Housing Displacement in Long Beach Inspires Artists to Heal through Culture

Feb. 23, 2018 / By and

With the rise of urban development and displacement, often labeled as gentrification, in Long Beach, this “WE ARE SEEDS” workshop allowed community members to reconnect with their indigenous roots through storytelling and horticulture.

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Elizabeth Campos

Elizabeth Campos is a journalism student at Cal State University Long Beach and is also minoring in political science. After living in Mexico for 15 years she now uses writing to understand what goes on around her and inform the community. Elizabeth likes going to concerts and trying out different types of food.

Xochitl Abarca

Xochitl is a first-generation Mexican-American, a Xicana, who believes that the radical thought of a woman choosing a career over having children should not be stigmatized. She flourished from the womb of a single hardworking guerrera Mexicana who worked her hands to the bone for her daughters. For Xochitl, journalism is both a passion and powerful responsibility to inform society.