Long Beach Land Use Element Explained, Debunked

Mar. 6, 2018 / By

Surrounding Long Beach’s controversial housing plan were nasty debates over facts and why so little diversity was represented.

Despite months-long hostility, the day has finally arrived: the Long Beach City Council will vote for the Land Use Element (& Urban Design) as part of the 2040 General Plan today at city hall.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Tune in to grasp the city’s plan to address overcrowding, some myths around it, and why it’s angered so many Long Beach residents for different reasons.

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Crystal Niebla

Crystal was raised in South Los Angeles and is the first college graduate in her family. She is a class of 2016 CSULB graduate who has served as an editor for her campus newspaper and freelanced for the Long Beach Post and Random Length News. Crystal is now a Report for America corps member, covering the Westside for the Long Beach Post. Follow her work @crystalniebla on Twitter and @crystalniebla_media on Instagram.